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what is ancestor money?

Ancestor Money (also known as Joss Paper) is a kind of necessary offering item often burned during certain festivals, prayers, or worships as a offer to those passed on. It is most commonly seen during the Hungry Ghost month, every corner in the world where Chinese existed, there will be the burning of ancestors money for the loafing and homeless souls. 

The history of Ancestor Money started since the Northern and Southern dynasties of China (420-589 years), the tradition of burning ancestor money has been passed down and practiced for more than 1500 years

Not only for the family and friends who'd passed away, it has been used as a offering to worship certain gods, to pray for luck, wealth and well being. Through time, the tradition has slight difference where nowadays people are burning printed money-like Ancestor Money, however the original traditional Joss Paper is always the best Ancestor Money to burn for.

Why burning ancestor money?

Based on history, the tradition of burning Ancestor Money was first meant for letting the deceased person to have money for their after life. This would allow them to be able to get the entrance to heaven easier.

Aside from that, it is also served as an offer to the gods who manage the hell, so they can help one to take care of the deceased family members and friends in the other side of the world.

The best part of the practice, however, is to burn the Money for the homeless souls (known as the "good friends") around us, which is what most people do during the Hungry Ghost month, to get protection from the souls that are homeless. Many said they did gain well being, better luck, and manage to gain unexpected money after they tribute ancestor money to Good Friends.

How to burn of ancestor money?

1. There are different types of ancestor money on the market. The biggest the amount, the more sincere it represents to the ancestors or Good Friends.
2. Prepare a burning pot, to avoid dirt fly all over your house or the neighbourhood.
3. If you wish to burn it for someone you lost, think of the person and your wish, and burn it off so that he or she would receive it.
4. If you wish to burn it for the Good Friends, think about your wish and burn it outside of your house. For example, make a wish that you would win a lottery. 
5. If your wish been fulfilled after burning ancestor money to the Good Friends, remember to redeem a vow to them by burning more and thank them sincerely.


  • You wish to see a person that has passed on long ago.
  • You want to pray for well being and protection.
  • You wish to gain wealth through the homeless souls' help.
  • You wish to request other helps from the spirits around you.
  • You need to create a bridge to communicate with a person that has passed on.
  • You want your friends or family members from the other side of the world to live well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Ancestor Money made for?

The Ancestor Money is initially made to be served as a dedication to the deceased person, for them to be able to live well in the afterlife. It is now often used in different kind of religion ceremony, and is most commonly used to tribute to the homeless souls to pray for well being, protection and wealth.

How to use the Ancestor Money?

You may burn the Ancestor Money in front of a deceased family member or friends' picture if you would like the money to be sent to them, and make a wish to see them if you really missed them. Or you may burn it outside your house to give it to the homeless souls, and make a wish from them, and once your wish fulfilled, do remember to burn more for them to thank them. Make sure it is burnt at a safe place to avoid unnecessary accidents.

What makes this Ancestor Money different from others?

This Ancestor Money is the traditional Ancestor Money, which is believed to be able to serve its purpose more effectively, rather than the money-liked printed Ancestor Money that most people are using now. The paper used to produce the Ancestor Money was the best quality, and the Ancestor Money has also been consecrated.

Is there any do's and don'ts to follow?

Remember to mention the deceased person's name in your heart when burning the money so it would be sent to the correct person, you may also write their name on the money. You may also write down your wish if the money is to be given to homeless souls so they would help you to fulfill it. 

Do not steps on the burnt Ancestor Money, as it is a disrespectful act to the souls. Do not put off the fire with water halfway burning it. And remember, DO NOT think or recite a living person's name when burning as it is a curse to wish them to pass away sooner.

How many pieces of Ancestor Money in one pack?

  • Width: 16.5cm
  • Length: 20.5cm
  • Quantity: 75 pieces in one pack (each pack consist of half of golden and silver Ancestor Money)

If my family and friends want it, should I buy it for them too?

With our Buy More Save More program, it is a good idea to buy more amulet to enjoy the extra savings. What's even better is that when you buy for others, you accumulate good karma that could result in better life.

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Real Energy Assistance

Real Energy Assistance

The practice might not immediately takes effect, it would takes few weeks, sometimes up to several months, for your wish to be fulfilled. It depends on their will as when they would help you to fulfill your wish. Burn more for them to help you sooner.

You need to always believe in them and they shall assist you. Same goes to the situation if you would like to see someone that has passed away. It might takes time for them to be appearing in your dream. Remember tothink of the person's name who you want the money to be sent to, or your wish for the homeless souls sincerely.

You will have to believe in its power and let it helps you to gain what you wish for. Let the Ancestor Money to help you to connect with someone from the afterlife world and fulfill your dream.

The ancestor money

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