The Britain's oldest male bodybuilder

Published on  APRIL 4th, 2021 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

"We shouldn't put an age limit on our dreams!"

The once exquisite grandfather is now Britain's oldest male bodybuilder. In the village, Davis is known as "Seventy With A Six Packs". 

The village has no doctor's presence. Their clinic will eventually shut down due to no patients.

Davis and the villagers proved that age is just a number. Recently, we've interviewed Davis.

"What is the secret of your youth?"

His answer surprised us.

"People always ready to give up on life when getting older,"

"but the truth is, life doesn't end for anyone."

"I insist on a workout because I want"

"to be completely free from all pain and disease."

Got rid of medication life

Davis's story began when he was taking several medicines at the age of 60, suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Doctors advised him to take all these medicines to improve his health index. Otherwise, he will not survive the coming autumn.

But, since he moved back to his "Village of Longevity" in Britain, he seemed to miraculously recover by himself.

He has a healthy complexion! Thanks to the remedy passing down from generation to generation in the village. The secret helped to revive his aging body.

Today, 79-year-old Davis is the oldest man who won the title of "Britain Bodybuilder Competition". His story caught Dr. Larry’s attention and curiosity.

In search with an answer

Dr. Larry is a toxicologist with over 40 years of experience. He was amazed by the way Davis recovered his health. He spent less than a year searching for this remedy in the village, and what he found was shocking.

"They have no doctors, no medicine, no hospitals in the village."

"Yet the villagers live these remarkably healthy lives."

"Many of them even live more than 100 years!"

What does it take to live for 100 years?

Dr. Larry decided to start with their lifestyle. He found that none of the hundreds of year old villagers would waste their time and energy to lay on the bed. They spend most of their time outdoors, and they can even do farming and fishing. They are active, happy, and healthy.

A precious wisdom passed down

Dr. Larry communicated with a 102-year-old local villager. She is a farmer who works under hostile conditions every day.

"Age just couldn't stop me from my works."

"I insist on a foot bath before going to bed every night regardless of how tired I am."

For centuries, foot baths have become part of their daily lives. They believe in "Toji" which means "warm water cure" from their ancestors.

It is a method of immersing your feet in warm water. It has shown a significant therapeutic effect on the body which helps to recover and treat various diseases. This practice has been passed down for many generations.

"I'm now 102, and I never face any health problem."

"The same thing goes for my families and villagers who are healthy as me"

At first, Dr. Larry found it confused and unbelievable. He was then conducted research and tried out this method for one week.

He felt energetic throughout the day. Body joints were relieved. And, he felt relaxed. The effectiveness of this remedy persuaded him. And, he realized that people nowadays are depending too much on drugs.

So many people resort to the convenience of taking pills, which damages our bodies without realizing it. Only in rural areas like the "Village of Longevity", the ancients are applying this method of self-healing to maintain a healthy and disease-free life.

For everyone's convenience, he decided to take this matter into his own hands. By modernizing this traditional practice in a patch for the feet. He called it Pure™.

The Pure™

The feet are the gateway to the body. They act as a barrier between the external environment and your internal body.

If it is well maintained, detoxification of the body could take place smoothly.

But without proper care, toxins will build up in your body. And thus, shut down the immune system. Our body is vulnerable to all kinds of infections and diseases.

The feet are the best place to evacuate toxins and waste. Because they have more sweat glands than any other part of the body.

Pure™ infused with the goodness of minerals found in hot springs. And with the addition of activated charcoal (an ingredient added to boost detoxification), it absorbs quickly through the soles of the feet.

It is increasing the number of lymphocytes, which are the primary immune cells in our body. Thus, it strengthens the immune system against all pain and disease.

Recognition from Davis

When the first batch of Pure™ was launched, Dr. Larry tested it on Davis.

"It's much more convenient"

"and works even better than the traditional method."

"I feel brand new and full of energy! "

In a clinical trial carried out by Dr. Larry and his team on Pure™. The treatment group performed significantly better than the control group. 93% showed a significant improvement in their general health. 

customer's testimonial

Among the subjects in the treatment group, we found 59-year-old Jackie. He has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

"I've been living with this condition for some years now. My skin hurts. All my joints are damaged."

"The doctor advised the application of Pure™."

"I wasn't convinced, but I still tried for a week."

"Incredibly, I felt a huge wave of relief just after a week."

"It did soothe the swelling in my hands and feet, and the pain was completely gone after a few times of application."

"I could resume my daily activities in one week when I could barely walk before."

"Its application is simple. Just have to stick them under my feet."

"And let the magic happen while I'm laying down.""

You have nothing to lose, except your Health problems

Pure™ was proven to be effective on maintaining one's health. 

Bringing you a healthier and longer life.

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