Corner Chisel

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Routers can't get you right-angle cuts, and here's what you've been looking for! The Corner Chisel easily cuts 90º corners for fitting hinges. Simply line the straight edges of the cut & strike the edge with a hammer. It turns your rounded corner into a neat square corner. It is durable and lasting as it is made of precision ground high-speed steel.
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  • Square corner chisel for squaring up round corners, perfect when you route a hinge or to square up rabbets!
  • 3/8" cutter edge and this corner chisel can be used for easily and accurately carving the inside round corner cut-outs of your woodworking router projects.
  • High precision chisel, self-aligns for optimum accuracy.
  • Compact enough to carry in your pocket, take with you in any toolbox, or store on any shelf.
  • Position the chisel into the round corner and hit with a mallet and clean up the excess with a regular chisel.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Corner Chisel