Japan Eldest weaponsmith 

Published on  APRIL 4th, 2021 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

"It's amazing that Kawachi can still work at his age like he is in his 20s."

Meet Ikehara Kawachi, one of Japan's last remaining swordsmiths. Being 84 years old, he is currently one of the oldest katana maker.

Ikehara Kawachi has been making swords for more than 60 years. He had produced hundreds of masterpieces in his life time.

Kawachi's life was challenging in the past. As a swordsmith, precision is very important to Kawachi.

In his 20s, he worked almost 14 hours a day perfecting his sword making skills. All the hard works took a big toll on his body on his 30s.

Overworked to pain

Kawachi started suffering from chronic pain on his hands and his back. His hands started shaking without his control, causing him unable to continue his work.

It was devastating for Kawachi as his whole life was put into this.

At first, he continued his work through the pain. But with unstable hands, the quality of his work was dropping drastically. Kawachi couldn't accept such work came out from his hand.

He tried to find aids from doctors, but the doctor couldn't find the problem that caused his pain.

Out of desperation, Kawachi tried many different methods to treat his pain, like acupuncture, medication and Kampo treatment. However nothing worked for him.

A bottle of oil

It was until he met Korehira Koujirou, a senior swordsmith.

"You can work hard and train for a thousand days,"

"But there might be that one day where you meet someone who influences you."

"So it's important to work, but also look for people, is what I'd say."

"For your whole life."

Koujirou understood Kawachi's problem. He gave Kawachi a bottle of oil, and told Kawachi to massage the oil on where the pain exists. 

As Kawachi was desperate, he would tried any method to be able to continue his work again. So he started doing as Koujirou said, and massage the oil on his hands and backeveryday.

Incredibly cured

Out of his surprise, just weeks later, Kawachi's hand started to stop shaking, and the chronic pain on his hands and back were non-existed.

Kawachi was rejoiced. He found back the presicion on his hand, and was able to work again. Kawachi was grateful for Koujirou's help, and wanted to thank him.

As they met, Koujirou gave him the recipe to his oil. 

Years later, his story was heard by Japan's renowned biomedical researcher, Dr. Atsushi Okuda.

"When I first heard about a swordsmith in his 80s, I couldn't believe it."

"So I visited him, and the story was true."

Dr. Okuda was curious about the ingredient of the oil. He decided to research on the recipe that Kawachi received from Koujirou.

"It was actually made from Eucalyptus."

"Originally native to Australia, eucalyptus trees are now grown all over the world and used for their medicinal properties."

"It contains a high amount of phenolic compounds,"

"Which produces a great effect in antimicrobial and antioxidant activities,"

"With the ability to help repairing our body damage and relieving pain."

Understanding the fundamentals, Dr. Okuda lead a team of experts to recreate the oil.

The Iyashi™

With the help of modern technologies, Dr. Okuda and his team was able to create a new formula which produces an effect 10 times stronger than the original.

They called it Iyashi™ Essential Oil.

"Our unique formula of Iyashi™ Essential Oil can be very effective to fight inflammation and promote healing of pain when massaged on our body,"

"While the antioxidant can help with easing joint pain, promoting soothing of pain and better blood circulation,"

"It can also be used with a diffuser to produce an aroma that helps with focus and relaxing,"

"And help with better respiratory condition and keeping bugs away."

positive results over 1000+ clinical trials

Iyashi™ Essential oil was put on medical trials with more than 1000 volunteers, and 98.53% reported immediate relief regardless of what their health conditions were in the first place. Kawachi was one of them.

After the official launch, people around the world has been benefited from it. Until today, Kawachi is still using Iyashi™ in his days to help with his work.

"You should never quit something. If you quit, then it becomes either a failure or success."

"If you don't quit, it's neither."

"I've been doing this more than 60 years now, constantly involved with swords."

"Authenticity can only be achieved if the person is authentic."

"Then the object becomes authentic on its own."

"Even if it takes a while, it's important to work at it little by little."

You have nothing to lose, except your pain

Take your pain away with Iyashi™ Essential Oil, and don't let anything stands in your way in achieving your dreams.

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