A dancer's miraculous recovery with the “fountain Of Youth”

Published on  May 19th, 2021 | Written by Lilah Boyle, senior editor

This 89-year-old Salsa dancer surprised the public. At 89, she moves like she is 21! And she is revealing her secret of the "Fountain of Youth".

"It is life changing! I'm 89 but I'm bursting with energy!" 

"If you know anyone who is struggling with back pain."

"Please share my story with them, it could ease their pain." -Susan Spencer

The origins of a miracle

Susan Spencer started performing dancing at the age of 5. By her 20s, she was dancing her way to stages across the country. While most dancers retire by 40, she continued to dance her way into her 50s and beyond.

One day, she felt a sharp pain on her lower back while performing the Lala Land. Her doctor told her she should stop dancing straight away. 

At 65, her 73 year-old husband passed away, leaving her alone in this world.

"My husband was my biggest supporter."

"He saw me performing on stage when I was 20 and fell in love."

The journey and the encounter

Dancing was the start of their relationship. His death sank her into a permanent state of grief. Eventually, dancing become her motivation for living.

"So, I made a promise to myself: I will dance until my last breath no matter what."

Up until that point, she had tried almost everything. Physical therapy, medications, traditional medicine... But nothing worked! When she was about to give up, the staff at her healthcare center gave her a birthday surprise.

"She handed me a insoles and said it'll help."

"Though I was skeptical, I slipped into my shoes as appreciation for her kindness."

"I was unconvinced from the start..."

"And even forgotten I had it on me right after."

"Amazingly, by the end of the day..."

"most of the discomforts were gone!"

"My feet felt so light."

"It was the most effortless and pain-free movement in my life."

"By day 3, I was able to do some light movement without any pain!"

"On day 8, I was back to practicing simple dance routines in the studio."

"By 2 weeks, I felt a new breath of life and had the energy to complete a full routine."

The confirmation

Susan shined with happiness for the first time since her husband died. Unfortunately, this happiness didn't last long. During a practice, her shoes were missing and the insoles were inside.

“I thought I could dance even without the insoles..."

"...BUT I was wrong!"

Susan started feeling uncomfortable during training and was gradually becoming worse again...

"I want to dance in pain-free again!"

"So I went back to find the healthcare centre staff that gave me the insoles."

The staff then introduced her to the insole creator, Dr. Belmont. After trying to treat chronic pain for 45 years, here is what Dr. Belmont told her...

"Think of you body as a skyscraper."

"For the skyscraper to be stable, it needs a strong foundation."

"Your feet are the foundation of your body and posture."

"It supports your entire weight, whilst absorbing all the stresses of walking and standing."

"If your feet aren't properly supported, which is the case for 87% of the population."

"The shock that was supposed to be cushioned by your feet travels up to your body."

"So just like the skyscraper, if your body's foundation is weak..."

"As you age, pain will start to appear throughout your entire body, and you will collapse."

the technology behind it all

After 30 years of trial and error, he discovered that by putting pressure on specific parts of the feet, he could rejuvenate the worn-out ligaments and scar tissues of the feet, creating a strong and healthy foundation for the spine, thus eliminating back pain. 

He then tested this technique on hundreds of his patients. 97.9% claimed they felt instant pain relief! Dr. Belmont wanted to help more people across the globe, so he created special insoles to trigger specific pressure points while you while allowing you to walk pain-free!

He called it the Puncvial™

Dr. Belmont explained how the Puncvial™ work...

"Just slip the Puncvial™ into your shoes..."

"It will activate your feet's self-healing points"

"Sending pain-relieving signals to more than 300 pain points in your body as you walk"

"Correcting your out-of-alignment posture opening up your hips, and expanding your spine."

"No matter your feet-size, the Puncvial™'s 150 pressure points will mould to your feet."

"Making it efficient for people from all walks of life, since everyone walks every single day."

"By using these insoles for as little as an hour a day..."

"You can speed up joint recovery and improve blood flow significantly."

Without hesitation, Susan put Puncvial™ in her shoes straight away and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle... She was back on her feet again and even did a full performance for her surprise crew!

"Now my doctor isn't asking me to stop dancing anymore."

"Thanks to Puncvial™, I am able to regain confidence to dance."

"I now walk with these insoles every day, they bring me a spring of youth!"

"I wish I knew about this earlier."

"I had been suffering with chronic pain for years!"

People around the world are now using these pain-soothing insoles to relieve their chronic woes! Are you ready to finally soothe your painful condition too?