A Living google who knows it all

Published on  december 1st, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

This 82-year-old grandpa is known as "Grandpa Google" in his community. Meet George Morris, the man with greatest memory.

George has set a world record for being the oldest champion of the World Memory Championship. He memorized over 100 random dates and events in just 5 minutes. In 30 seconds he could tell the random order of an entire deck.

How could this grandpa have such a phenomenal memory at his age?

what is the secret behind

"As we age, our brain cells slowly deteriorate. As a result, some of us may take longer to learn new things. "

"We may not remember information as well as before, and we may start to lose things like glasses or car keys." - Neurologist, Dr. Jasmine Holland

So blunders are a normal part of aging ... but are they inevitable?

"It's not like that!"

 Says 82-year-old George. He finally reveals his secret to us.

When Aging Brings him dementia

While many were born with an amazing memory, George's is not natural, he is trained. In fact, George was diagnosed with dementia in his 50s. He started forgetting simple things, like his wallet and his phone.

Little by little he got worse, losing his lucidity. But, an incident brought him his turning point.

"Now it's all laughter when I share my story, but when it happened then, my family and friends were terrified." 

- George

That day, George was suppose to meet a friend. But he somehow ended up in the next town more than 800 miles from his house. He was alone, lost and confused - the 3 great enemies of dementia patients.

Luckily, he met a stranger, Alfie Martin.

"He tried to help me find my way. We asked for the whole town, but to no avail."

"So he took me to his house to rest. And that's when my life took a turn. " - George

Discover the solution

Alfie Martin is a biomedical researcher who lives in the town. At that time, he was researching the benefits of lemon fruit. Naturally, his house was filled with the smell of lemon.

Once George entered the house, the tension in his body slowly disappeared. He began to relax. His confusion and anxiety cleared up.

"When I smelled it, it was like a part of my mind opened up."

"I felt very fresh and with a very clear mind."

"Little by little, I managed to remember my way home, reuniting with my family and friends."

"I felt like a new person when I returned home." - George

Seeing how the aroma of lemon helped George, Alfie decided to continue researching the lemon fruit and its effects.

His research showed that lemon rind produces an oil, which explains its characteristic smell that stimulates brain cells. Inhaling the smell improves cognitive functioning, overall brain performance and memory, while elevating mood and calming the mind.

With this knowledge, Alfie created a scented candle, which works the best for diffusing the scent.

He named it Scense™.


"The candle includes the concentrated lemon oil extracted directly from the peel."

"Through our nose, the scent stimulates the olfactory receptors to send messages to the brain's limbic system,"

"allowing the brain to further open its latent potential."

"This results in greater clarity and cognitive abilities,"

"which allow you to process complex problems more quickly or retain memory for longer." - Alfie

Alfie gave George one of his candle as a part of a clinical trial. George used it everyday, and the result was amazing. 

Change of His life

Ever since he used it, George actively remembers everything. The memory of him has become astonishing.

"I once went on a road trip with my family."

"We got lost in an isolated area with no GPS signal, but I remembered all the roads and signs very clearly."

"I was like a human GPS and got us all home safely."

"Everyone was very surprised, including myself."

"They took me to my last checkup with the doctor"

"and the doctor told me that not only had I fully recovered from dementia,"

"my memory capacity had also greatly expanded!"

"They urged me to participate in the World Memory Championship to see how far my mind can go." - George

Whole New person

George exceeded everyone's expectations. He competed against teenagers and adults between the ages of 13 and 30, winning the gold medal, making him the oldest memory champion in history.

"As a dementia patient before, I never imagined that I would one day get recognition like this."

"I've never had such a good memory, not even when I was 20 or 30 years old."

"Considering my memory history, this gold medal was a great surprise."

"This victory is dedicated to my friends, my family and Alfie Martin."

"I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for Scense™."

Since its official launch, millions of people around the world have experienced the benefits of Scense™.

It is never too early to take preventive action.

Maintain your mental clarity and have a better memory with Scense™ today.

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