Water Stopper Pin

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A leaky water pipe will require a water stop as it will be troublesometo repair the pipe with water in it.

It is very difficult to repair a water pipe by hot fusion when the water is running, it is much easier to stop the water flow by using a Hot-melt Water Stop Pin.


► Strong Metal Material

Stainless steel locking hexagon, stainless steel gasket, brass thimble,high pressure resistant and stable,reliable, allows the chemical slurry to completely enter the concrete structure deep inside the tiny cracks, good water stopping effect.

► Convenient To Use

Non-slip rubber pier designed for ease of use.

► Compact Size

Lightweight and convinient to take iteverywhere with you.

► Easy To Use

Simple construction process, easy to use.Fast and efficient construction.

► Always Available

The construction is not limited by season or weather and can be used for all kinds of works, including overhaul and repair works and drinking water works.

► Reusable Water Stopper

Water stop pins are durable, rustproof,robust and reusable.

► Widely Applicable

Widely used for indoor and outdoorconcrete slab cracks, through-wall pipes, wall corners, tunnels and other water leakage, with water plugging.


☺ Material: Brass+Stainless Steel

 Weight: 220g

☺ Size: 1/2 inch/3/4 inch/1 inch

☺ Package Contents: Hot-melt Water Stop Pin x 1


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